Careers in Wind Energy

Careers in Wind Energy

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Wind energy implies the process of using wind to generate mechanical energy using wind turbines. This energy is further converted into electricity and is used for several other purposes. There is no requirement for environmental draining production system present in the exploration of crude oil and gas. Hence, this source of energy is considered to be reasonably safe for the environment. The United States record about 9% of its electricity generated from wind turbines and more effort is put into development to achieve a bigger percentage, which in turn creates more turbines and creates more careers in wind energy. This increasing development shows two things: Potential and Opportunities.

Reasons For Wind Energy Development

Many are still wondering why there are more opportunities in the wind energy sector. There is oil and gas as a source of energy with a proven reserve of 1,650,585,000,000 of oil and enormous reserve of gas, so it is understood if all these sound or seem a little blurry and hard to comprehend. Here are the reasons the wind energy sector continues to strive regularly.

Following the oil embargo of 1973-1974 and the oil crisis of 1979-1980, it becomes obvious to major developed and industrial countries that there is a need for another energy source to prevent oil-producing countries from using this tool as a means of political and economic control. This led to the development of the renewable energy sector. Oil analysts during these years remarkably expressed this development to be the world response to price hikes and price control. According to an analyst, “When the price of something as essential as oil spikes, humanity does two things: find more of it and find ways to use less of it.” With this development, the oil demand is expected to reduce drastically in the coming years.

Another reason for the development and consistent wind energy growth is that the enormous oil reserve cannot last the world forever. Unless there are several cases of discovery of oil in more than enough quantity, the massive reserve above can only the world for approximately 56years. This means we had better be ready in 56 years or live unbearably without fuel. If you think gas is an alternative, I hope you do not forget that gas is produced through oil, so when oil production ceases, so does gas production.

Even better, renewable energy is environmentally friendly and will definitely last longer than oil and gas. This is why countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are already exploiting this development to create a dependable and acceptable energy source. In other words, it may be the only source of energy left with humanity in the few years to come. Hence, there is no better time to learn about careers in wind energy. It is now or never!

Careers In The Wind Energy Sector

It is estimated that renewable energy in the United States will provide about 15,000 jobs in the coming years. Also, the sector is expected to outlast oil and gas; hence, you can be sure of long-time job security. Below are some of the careers in wind energy you could pursue.

  • Field Technicians

The wind sector has a large opening for wind turbine technicians to focus on fixing the wind turbines on the field in the case of broken parts, friction or any related duties. The technicians have the task of putting the turbines in a proper position to generate wind energy. This job is done on the field and requires your presence in the designated site to take care of faults developed by the turbines.

  • Site Workers

Before the wind turbines are put into operation, many site construction and preparation go into it. To get this done, large numbers of site workers are required. Wind turbines construction is also famous in the Midwest due to the high propensity of wind in that area. Site workers’ duties include clearing the construction area, constructing roads, and preparing a study foundation for turbines construction. The good part is that you can work with just a high school certificate and earn pretty well.

  • Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers are at the core of the wind energy sector because they design the turbines. A lot of expertise is required in this field because you are not only tasked with designing existing turbines, you also have the duty of redesigning existing ones and making them better. The sector is at its development stage; hence, experts are required to exploit possible potentials. High qualification is often required, but it is a job that comes with an attractive salary.

  • Turbine Component Manufacturers

A single wind turbine consists of several parts. These parts are produced by manufacturers who need staff for both transporting and assembling the pieces. Also, with the required expertise, you may be required to build these components that are later put together to make the turbine.

  • Meteorological Technician

Deciding the appropriate location for the construction of wind turbines is an important part of the process. It simply means that the turbine will gather energy better in some areas. Carefully determining this location is the duty of a meteorological technician. This role goes deep down to the extent of the power generated from a particular turbine and is done by professionals who have proven their ability. A quack meteorological technician or even an unintended mistake by a good technician in the determination process may render all energy and money put into construction futile. However, higher qualification is not an essential part of the job requirement, just a proven ability.


It is a proven fact that the wind energy and renewable energy sector, in general, will keep growing. Countries worldwide have specified plans to tap into this potential and create a sustainable source of energy. A Job opportunity in this regard is therefore not alien to any country. The increasing demand for stable electricity in some developing countries is even more reason to start a career in this field because not only will your knowledge and skill take you around your country; you may also be opportune to travel across the globe.

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