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Accelerating the transition to renewable energy as a means of strengthening the U.S. economy and reducing the environmental impacts of our energy use.

American Wind and Solar Energy by the Numbers

Electricity buyers—whether they are utilities, municipalities, universities or Fortune 500 companies—are increasingly seeking to make wind and solar energy a major part of their energy portfolios. Wind and solar power comprised about half of all new U.S. electric capacity additions in 2018, representing $29 billion in new investment. Wind and solar powered nearly 9% of all U.S. electricity consumption last year.

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$29 Billion

invested in wind and solar in 2018
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wind industry manufacturing sites
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solar industry manufacturing sites
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161 GW

of installed wind and solar power
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direct wind and solar jobs
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8.5 GW

of wind and solar purchased by corporate and industrial companies in 2018


Our campaigns further our mission of mobilizing leaders from the wind and solar industries, along with complementary energy technologies, to deliver facts, data, and personalized messages to decision makers about how renewable energy is helping to improve our economy and environment.

Allies & Partners

Clean Grid Alliance
Energy Foundation
Interwest Energy Alliance
U.S. Department of Energy
Glenrock, Wyoming wind farm
Solar panel
Stoney Creek, Pennsylvania wind farm
Glenrock, Wyoming wind farm

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