Wind Energy Foundation Announces a New Social Media Contest, ‘Renewable America Champions’

As part of the A Renewable America campaign, the Wind Energy Foundation is launching “Renewable America Champions,” a social media contest for employees of the renewable energy industry, which we define broadly to include employees of private-sector companies that are developers, builders, suppliers, and purchasers of renewable energy. Contest participants will compete to earn points by educating the public about the economic benefits of renewable power on social media and recruiting others to do so.

Each month we will award a $100 Amazon gift card to a top point scorer, and after six months we will award an all-expenses paid wind farm tour and wind tower climb courtesy of EDP Renewables as our grand prize. We’ve listed some anticipated questions and answers below, but click here to learn more, as well as to sign-up to compete.

What is a Champion?
Champions are people who share the latest exciting news about renewable energy using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and who recruit others to take these actions.

How do I become a Champion?
Connect one of your social media networks to our campaign using the buttons on the sign-up page and we’ll walk you through the rest of the process!

How is the monthly and grand prize winner(s) selected?
Each time you earn 100 points, you are earning an entry in a monthly sweepstakes drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card. The contestants with the top three point totals at the end of 2016 will be asked to submit a short statement (300 words or less) addressing why they believe that social media is an effective tool for educating people about the benefits of renewable energy. The Foundation will award the grand prize based on its evaluation of each Finalist’s total points received and essay quality. Full details in the contest rules, and terms and conditions.

Do I have to connect all my social media accounts in order to participate?
Nope! You can use any combination you would like. Of course, the more social networks you connect to, the more opportunities you will have to earn Points!

How are permissions and privacy handled?
Champions never have content posted to their social networks without being explicitly notified. Even if you choose to auto-post content, you have the option to opt-out of each post before it is shared.

How do I share content?
You will receive an email when we have new and exciting content to share. Each email contains a status update and link to the content we’re sharing with you. Once you press the click to share button, the status update will automatically post to the social networks you selected.

How do I earn Points?
You earn Points by sharing content and recruiting others. The more people take action (like, retweet) on links shared through SocialToaster on approved social networks, the more Points you rack up! Additionally, earn Points for recruiting your friends to join the program!

I have earned Points, how come they are not displayed on the Leaderboard?
Don’t worry! Your Points are being tracked and awarded. Points are updated at midnight, so be sure to check back daily.

The website automatically uploaded my profile picture from my Facebook page. If I change my profile picture on Facebook, would it automatically change on this site as well?
Yes, any time you change your profile picture on Facebook it will update on SocialToaster’s page as well.

How do Mentions using keywords work?
Mentions work by looking for a specified keyword in your text. Write your own tweet or status update using a keyword provided by the Foundation to earn Points. You can write these posts through your A Renewable America account under the “Earn More Points” tab, or you can write them through your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. You must use the current keyword at least once in order to earn Points.

How many Points do I earn for Mentions?
You earn 10 Points for using the keyword on Twitter. You also earn points for retweets and likes of your Mention on Twitter.

How many times can I use the Mentions feature?
You may write as many tweets and status updates using the keyword as you’d like, but you will only receive Points for one Mention per network per day on Twitter.

Who is eligible for the contest?
This Program is open to legal United States residents residing in the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, with at least 25 connections on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (“Social Networking Service”), who are at least eighteen (18) years of age and the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of enrollment, and is employed within the renewable energy industry (“Renewable Energy Industry”), as defined below.

For the purposes of this Program, “Renewable Energy Industry” is the collection of private companies operating in the United States that develop, build, supply and purchase renewable power projects or any of the electricity produced by such projects. Renewable power projects are facilities that generate electricity from wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, wave energy, tidal energy, hydroelectric energy, biomass, or waste-to-energy. Renewable power projects include projects of any scale, including individual solar panels and wind turbines. Purchases of electricity from renewable power projects are those purchases achieved through power purchase agreements, green tariffs, or Renewable Energy Certificates.

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