The Wind Solar Alliance’s educational campaigns focus on the policy changes needed to enable the greatest economic and environmental benefits from large-scale wind and solar energy development.

Working closely with partner organizations, we produce and disseminate original research, create events to connect the public and key decisionmakers to the growing US wind and solar industries, and educate and inform through social media. Read more about how renewable energy is helping to improve our economy and environment and our specific programs below.

Why Renewable?

Low-cost Energy, Job Creation

Wind and solar power are clean, affordable, domestically produced sources of renewable electricity. Thanks to technological advances, the price of American wind and solar power has fallen drastically in recent years, saving consumers money.  The wind and solar industries combined have created a total of more than 356,000 American jobs, with the solar technician and wind turbine technician being the fastest growing new jobs as reported by the Department of Labor for the last several years. 

Economic Development

However, to continue to tap these great renewable resources and use them most efficiently, we must modernize our electric grid which can be done by expanding and upgrading our high-voltage electric power transmission system and installing more energy storage facilities.  By building new transmission and battery storage, we will create a more reliable and resilient electric grid and greatly improve the way we generate, deliver, and consume electricity.

Strong Public Demand

Well-paying jobs, economic investment in communities, energy independence, and a cleaner environment are just a few of the many reasons that a majority of Americans consistently support developing renewable electricity.  The recent growth of the renewable electricity sector is one of greatest business success stories of the 21st century, and further commitment to a clean and renewable America is the fastest way to build future energy security and prosperity.

Our Programs

Archived Programs

Electric Nation

Electric Nation: Powered by Wind is the Wind Solar Alliance’s campaign to enlist wind energy supporters to become active on social media to educate others about the importance of accelerating the United States’ transition to this clean, homegrown source of electricity. Many of wind energy’s supporters are currently sitting on the sidelines of the national debate over what kind of energy should be used to power our homes and businesses. Our goal is to persuade them that by getting active on social media, they can help accelerate the shift to clean energy while having fun and becoming connected to a vibrant, online community.

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The Wind Solar Alliance has joined forces with the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). Our educational programs and research will continue on as part of a stronger, larger, ACORE team. Read our press release. To learn more about ACORE, visit: